How To Connect a PS4 Controller to a Android Device – Guide & Issue Warnings

Here is a step by step guide on how to connect a PS4 controller to a android device. I am using my Samsung Note 4 to demonstrate this.
I do go over some of the issues and problems that you will run into when doing this. You can skip to the setup at 2:17

Thanks for watching.

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  1. You just saved me so much time thank you for your video and your full description of how it works thank you so much most videos don't say enough so I do appreciate this video thank you again.

  2. Mine turns on and is paired but after about 2 seconds the controller just turns of the batteries are full too so plz help

  3. As soon as mine gets connected it just turns the controller off and then I can't reconnect, I retried the whole thing a few times and it didn't work

  4. when i connect controller ot doesnt work its just ignoring my controller

  5. Ds4 controller connects and shows that it is connected but nothing happens. None of the joysticks work, and it doesn't control the games.

  6. So apparently, if your controller pairs but does absolutely nothing, it can't be fixed. I've searched EVERYWHERE for the solution. It will connect. It says it's paired. But no input whatsoever. Do not say because "you need a game that's compatible" No. That's not it. You can't even move around the phone menu. I had 2 ps4 controllers that worked. They were paired. But now when I try to connect it does connect, but does absolutely nothing. I've searched far and wide. I reset my network and Bluetooth settings. Nothing works I'm afraid. I'm sorry 🙁
    Best bet is to just get a $10-$20 controller built for phone connectivity and gaming.

  7. Does it only work with specific andriod because I've tried it with LG, and ZTE but it didn't work

  8. OK, so can anyone help me? I connect it to my phone it is connected and then, when I try to use it, it doesn't work, if anyone had this problem please help

  9. Thanks dude.. great job .. awesome vid. No one else mentioned the stick problem…

  10. Pairing doesnt work. I bought an otg wire and it works. But i get no sound when its plugged in. Any fixes?

  11. I can get it to pair, but the controller doesn't seem to send any input data to my S5…IT DOESNT WORK!!! Some help please?

  12. the controller is in my paired devices but it's not allowing me to connect the controller. I've tried restarting my phone, turning my bluetooth on and off, etc etc. but nothing is happening. can someone help me please

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