How to Attach a Smartphone to any Tripod

In this informational video I will go over two of my tripods that I use to attach my smartphones with. Note that tripods are universal and you can attach just about every camera even DSLRs. However with a smartphone (Android, iPhones, etc) you will need a phone adapter (phone mount) so you can attached your phone to the tripod.
The small tripod in this video already comes with an adapter as you can see in the link below. If you want the bigger tripod in this video you need to also get the…


  1. Why i can't do food recipe with this one ?! I can't find the way to disappear the tripod legs , i do video from the top and the legs appear in the video 🙄

  2. Well duhhhh,with the adapter,any fcking idiot can figure out that you can mount it on a tripod!!i tought you gona show us some way for people that dont have access to all the kinds of adapters and stuff

  3. Thank you so much! You just helped me to see I already had what I needed at home and I don't need to purchase anything new.

  4. My god man, did you just do a video presnetation in your sweatpants/pajama bottoms and a T-shirt? We are supposed to think this is professional?

  5. How can I attach an external microphone onto the tripod. I have the smart phone video rig already attached

  6. You present with a great narrative. Please help tech novices like myself. Re-shoot the video: with close ups of the parts of the apparatus which can be manipulated, in other words unscrewed. Close ups demonstrating, with your great narrative, in small steps. Good luck and thanks for helping the amateurs.

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