How to Apply Screen Protector for iPhone and Android | T-Mobile

Learn how to install a screen protector to your iPhone or Android phone. Susana gives you the step by step instructions so you can enjoy your phone – knowing it’s protected from scratches! Click here to watch more how-to videos with Des:

Screen protector box contents (0:24)
Step 1 – Clean your phone screen completely (0:33)
Step 2 – Wipe the phone completely dry (0:44)
Step 3 – Remove all dust…


  1. Alignment box? I never received that (well I used a different brand and it was £1). I recommend taking time to check and when you start, stick it firmly then out your finger and swipe down. If bubbles are worse and your screen protector isn't fully stuck then peel it off and use a card to go over it

  2. The lady in my nearest TMobile didn't even use the alcohol wipe. Only the microfiber cloth and the tape.

  3. Nice!
    I know this might sound stupid, but I can't put screen protectors on without getting air bubbles for the life of me 😂 I had to have someone in the store do it instead. Good job, T-Mobile! You're better than me with phones!

  4. These videos are always helpful… and so are some of the comments. Does anyone have a recommendation for my ancient Gs8? I initially tried 2 different brands 2 weeks after the phone came out and they both fell off.. and were hard to use anyway for simple tactile phone use. Real surprised my screen hasn't cracked yet.

  5. So? Where do you get that phone holder mechanism.. that's game changer

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