HOW TO ANDROID: Install ADB & Fastboot on Your Mac – The EASIEST & SAFEST Way – Permanent Method

Download ADB & Fastboot from here:

NOTE: As of October 2017, entering “./fastboot” will give you this message:
fastboot: usage: no command

That means it is working fine! If you’d like to see the help info that is shown in the video, use:
./fastboot -h

Paste this into Terminal:
touch ~/.bash_profile; open ~/.bash_profile

Paste this into your text editor:
export PATH=${PATH}:/Applications/Android



    MacOS no longer uses Bash, so the bash profile no longer works.
    There is however a simple solution, to replace the text "bash_profile" with "zshenv"
    So, the first line of code becomes this instead:

    touch ~/.zshenv; open ~/.zshenv

    the second part is the same.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the awesome video. I'd like to know how to install adb and fastboot on Mac OS Catalina! I've tried just as you mentioned here. It worked on Sierra and High Sierra. But it does not work on Mojave and Catalina. Please help!

  3. Found this video and then followed your recommended videos at the end to get through this all the way to getting a rom installed. Perfect. Great no BS tutorial, with all the steps needed explained and shown clearly, really thank you!

  4. Sorry but I made exactly like you, and Terminal doesn't work…. What I am doing bad?

  5. Following same thing, i can run adb in terminal but doing ./fastboot it returns "no command" ! although i copied both adb and fastboot in my Applications/Android as suggested
    Any idea ?

    Thanks 🙂

  6. Hi, when I was trying to run adb it worked fine but when trying to run fastboot, it says "fastboot: usage: no command". OS using : MAC OS Mojave

  7. My ADB works fine and I get the "fastboot -h" help okay, but I get fastboot: usage: no command so do I need to worry about going on to your next video?

  8. you should be a teacher honestly you video was the best/I SALUTE YOU……….!!!!!

  9. nothing works :'( It just says that this method is depreceated in the terminal and to use the android studio :S

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