How To Activate Beast Mode On The Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus!

In this video i show you how to activate beast mode on the Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus. With just a few minor changes in settings you can optimize your new phone for the best possible performance.

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  2. Figured as much. Shitty click bait with very basic shit that most people likely already know about. You don't even need to bother with restarts or device health optimizations either. You say something like BEAST MODE and all you're doing is wasting peoples time with the same shit that's all over the internet a million times over. How about with this title you flash some performance firmware on it and do some overclocking? That'd make your title of this video much more deserving.

  3. Thank you so much for the information. I ALWAYS use auto restart Sundays @ 12:00 AM it does help the phone.

  4. These is no best mode button. The phone it self is a BEAST!😎

  5. Can you tell me why in smartview mode this phone studders how to fix this plz it's only when I use smartview

  6. The simples way to activate beast mode is purchase a Xiaomi or OnePlus xD Samsung power management is garbage.

  7. Where the hell did you buy your Galaxy S10 from? You have way more bloatware than I do.
    I sure did not get no games or news apps pre-installed

  8. shane what kind of fuckery went through your brain to clickbait like that you cockhead

  9. The Galaxy s10 lineup are not one of the fastest phones on the market THEY ARE the fastest phones on the market I have the S10 5G and yes it is literally the fastest phone on the market, you gotta do your full thorough research before uploading these type of videos with these type of statements brother.

  10. getting into the developer options and just changing the animation transitions will make the phone feel a ton faster. Thats about all you can do to activate "beast mode"

  11. I've only used 13gb of storage even though I have a lot of storage I dont want to waste it

  12. Never have to reboot an HTC device and it never feels sluggish. The HTC U12+ is a year older and it is just about as fast as the S10+

  13. One simply does not just turn off the WQHD! That's the whole point of owning this awesome phone! Why would anyone want to run it in 1080p? shmmmm…

  14. To remove animations, instead of "reduce" go to the accessibility tab and it should be under visuals

  15. Need you help guys .. I cant see clock my wifi and network on top of my phone screen .. just shows battery % ..
    Idk why plz reply me and help me

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