How I Made My Own Android Phone – in China

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I built a Samsung Galaxy S9+ entirely from parts I bought in the cell phone parts markets of in Shenzhen, China. And it works and runs Android!

How I Made My Own iPhone in China:
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Teardown and Repair Guides from iFixit:

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  1. Okay that was interesting. Is it possible to switch a flagship processor on a budget phone? I will appreciate everyone's comment.. thankyou 💜

  2. What was the total cost in parts, it was interesting to see how cheap everything seemed to be in the market?

  3. Appear on Recommendation
    Malaysian ppl that just enter mco part 4 : I N T R E S T I N G 🙂

  4. You forgot the bit where you try throwing yourself off the roof of the factory after working 16 hour days, 6 days a week for about 12 months or so.

  5. What about the classic handset like Nokia 3310 or something like that or somewhere when the handset start having camera & coloured screen??

    Hihi that would be fun..

  6. When this whole pandemic is over, I need to head over to Huaqiangbei, in particular the shops you went to get the display, battery and adhesives. Need to give my S9+ a new lease of life.

  7. When corona virus is over..i want you sir to build a power rog phone sistem on old phone hehe

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