How I installed a large ANDROID SCREEN on my Mercedes-Benz C250

In this video, I show you how to install an 10.25″ Android screen on your facelift 2012+ Mercedes Benz C-Class. Works on C250, C300, C350 and even the C63.


Trim Removal Tools


  1. Hey Flexx, an off topic question, but where did you get that Steering Wheel Cover From? Looks pretty cool I want to get one for my W204 c coupe as well…

  2. Hello, I have GLA180 from 2019, automatic, will fit this in my car or can you give me a link with an 10,25 inch with ntg5.0, and one question can i put a 4g sim?, thanks…

  3. I ordered mines a week ago. I hope it comes in fast but I have a question. Did they send you like multiple track numbers?

  4. 13:30 do you have video on removing center console for cleaner installation?

  5. I’ve an 2014 C200 Exclusive MB. It has the same screen you just present us. Just want to know based on your experience Do you think this screen could be installed in y MB and fit properly? Thanks

  6. I have a A200 63 plate, I live in the Uk. Does anyone know where I can buy one. I am struggling to find one.

  7. Hey man, will this be compatible with my 2016 cla180 AMG? And if so where can I order one?

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