How I Create My Own Planner Printables in Microsoft Word

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Hello everyone! today I will guide you through the basics of creating printables in Microsoft Word for everyone who can’t access more advanced programs like Photoshop and Illustrator.

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  1. Do I need an iPad or Mac to make stickers/printables? I have an HP touchscreen laptop.

  2. Helpful information but you went too fast it was too hard to keep up with the video when you're trying to actually do it on your own computer

  3. Thank You Mariana so much! I have been searching through so many performance planners, etc., etc., etc. and I came to the conclusion that I need to create my own and as change in my life occurs so must my planner. Personally the word planner seems different to what I want, so mine are more like a daily LifePage. I knew there was an easy way to do this from scratch and you have given me the solution and adding color and different boxes makes it a snap! I have a super cool weekend project! I cannot wait to start! I am now following you and a subscriber. I will also check out your downloadable 12 month calendar! Thank You! LOL, Alex

  4. I enjoyed this video. Thank you for sharing. Toward the end of the video, “writing” lines appeared in the 1st October box. How did you make those lines?

  5. I’m going to use this when I make my planner! I’m making the cover for it in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.

  6. "Sorry, something went wrong.
    You have too many subscriptions compared to your number of subscribers."

    Would you mind subscribing to my channel because I cant subscribe to good channels like this?

  7. I wish you actually showed how to print so you don't print on the wrong side because you just talking about it was confusing. Also when you were manually showing it on the screen you were going waaay to fast I couldn't catch everything you were doing.

  8. I tried watching this video, but it was too difficult to understand what you were saying because the music was really distracting. You have a lovely accent and between that, the distracting music, and jumping to the next stage without finishing the first one made it a little too difficult to finish watching.

  9. I'm wondering how you gave the first box lines. Did you insert them yourself or is there a button you can click?

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