How do I start working with Open Source and GitHub?

This video covers a fundamental step to working on open source – cloning the repo and opening it in the IDE. It also covers how to add new remotes using the IDE.


  1. So what the hell?? you can't just download the source code and pop it into Microsoft Visual Studio and make your own version???

  2. Thanks for the post. One suggestion is to explain what you are doing before you do it. Maybe add some diagrams also. Thanks

  3. I could'nt find Github under "check out from version Control" Please Help me with this Thank You.

  4. Okay I understood how to fork and clone the repo and also how to add a remote repo , but the thing is , what's the procedure after that?
    Do we have to push to GitHub first and then open a pull request from GitHub .. if not this then what's the process?

  5. what? first of all, how do you find an open source project? how do we know what problem we are to solve? lets say, we somehow solved a problem. how do we know that the solution is correct? who determines the solution is correct?

  6. Who is Trisha? Is she an intern or something? She seems to have this reputation of not knowing as much as Gary Hockin.

    If I were to contribute to Github, would it be beneficial for me to mask my identity as a woman?

  7. I have a brand spanking new idea ultimate 2018.1. I have the github plugin enabled, I have a GitHub page in Settings > Version Control > GitHub, but do not have GitHub under VCS > Checkout from Version Control menu. Any ideas? Thanks!

  8. can you guys please make a video on how to set up github? I'm having a hard time with CLion 🙁

  9. When you make the original repo the 'upstream', do all your changes push to the original?

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