HOW did a BRONZE HACKER get into CROWN?! | PUBG Mobile

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HOW did a BRONZE HACKER get into CROWN?! | PUBG Mobile


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  1. Pubg to prevent hackers:puts death replays
    Fortnite:bans inocent people

  2. Welp I got banned for no reason at all I’ve been playing for 2 years with loyalty.Then I made a new account and then that account got banned to for some reason.☹️

  3. You people are really kind of image that i look at .. your whole gang is awesome .. love you man hope you get 500k soon

  4. I wish all of this was true it’s currently season 13 in pubg I have been watching 2 hackers for MONTHS NOW and I report them every single day and they still aren’t banned and they keep spending money and they are so comfortable with it because they’ve been doing it for so long, like come in pubg out of 150 games I’ve been killed at least 50 times by hackers and it’s continuously happening

  5. Clap for pro player umm…(hacker)👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    N remember they r bots

  6. Um yea I got banned for queuing with a hacker my ign is Ju・ʚĩɞ・li ID 5850945093 and everyone including MedalCore know I don't hack my stats prove it I a organic bot and I have got banned for 1 DAY!! Then is switched to 3650 days on the SAME DAY AS MY 1 DAY BAN BEFORE THE 1 DAY WAS UP and why would I hack a game I spend money on AND ON MY ALT acc that makes no sense please Wynn read this comment 😡

  7. Yes theres favoritism cause power bang account gets hacked he gets it back next day other players account get hack and they dont get it back

  8. i reported two hackers and pubg mobile has banned them both….YES

  9. i got banned today bcs i was cleaning the bootcamp solo v squad but im back after 7 minute. checkmate reporters maybe you are just not my lvl

  10. but i was once banned for a day it said there has been a change the simulator settings

  11. Why dont we play with our skills people. I know if you loose you get frustrated but its where we learn our mistake so play with your full skills

  12. bro this week I got in the Same Game with the hacker who Killed me twice and he killed me xD:Again

  13. My friend got banned and he was playing random squads and his teammate was a hack and he got and my friend

  14. Man how about my clanmate he does not cheat and he got banned for no reason. We know cause we have played with him for past seasons. Please tell pubg crearor that its not fair for players who realy actually played the game and then got banned for no reason

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