How Can Unhappy Couples in Quarantine, Revive the Relationship? – Chatter

Devon Franklin shares his advice with the women of Chatter about how couples can reconnect while in quarantine instead of grow farther apart.
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  2. One thing that helped my marriage is accepting my wife for who she is.
    Isn’t it funny how we meet someone, like them for who they are, then we’re official, try to change them?
    I guess we can only keep up the “Macy’s salesperson” for so long…

  3. I thought this was explained very well. This approach may work in the reverse by me asking the woman what is her fear. Thanks.

  4. I believe this is real talk because so many times men just want to be understood not just heard and this is where women miss it. When was the last time you took time to understand him? Just something to think on.

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