Honda HR-V | Connected Driving Experience

Discover how the Honda HR-V’s touch screen display can keep you and your family entertained and connected – whatever the adventure. See more at

Personalised Home Screen | Personalise the Honda CONNECT touchscreen with your own photos. Your SUV will be a home from home when you’re out on the road by displaying pictures of your family and friends.
Internet connectivity | By connecting your smartphone, via USB or Bluetooth®, you can access the internet easily through…


  1. For a 2018, that's all you guys put in your car?

    Plus you need to pay an extra 3-5000 just to have the navigation option???? Damn honda.. all the other competitors have way better options for the head unit. This is basically obsolete already. Outdated…

    I'm glad you guys fixed it for the 2019 model which allow you to use apps such as Waze and spotify. And added physical buttons. You guys should update all the 2018 headunits to the 2019s. As it was a huge fail… what a junk show. No apps? No navigation, what's the point of having a touch screen for this piece of junk. How did you guys roll this out. Unreal.

  2. I have the Australian 2016 HR-V and we also don't have the Android headunit. Is it possible to buy a HR-V headunit from the UK and install it on an Australian HR-V?

  3. This video shows the honda hrv sold in the United Kingdom, the honda hrv in USA does not have those characteristics.

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