Hidden Features every Android User should know

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For those looking to take full advantage of their Android device, you’ve come to the right video. In this video, I will be showing you 10 hidden features within Android that you’ll be sure to enjoy!



  1. How to get the app shortcut for 'notification log history' as shown in the video ?

  2. long pressing any app just lets me drag and drop it to bin for deleting it. nothing else… what have i missed ?

  3. 1:00 how did you add shortcut "all songs" to your homescreen? It's super easy with all playlists, but i can't find anywhere, how to do exactly what you did here

  4. CLICKBAIT, none of this works with ANDROID 5.1, change title, thanks

  5. 1 more feature you missed: before even using your phone, OEM unlock it, just in case.

  6. Really? Who would need to use Google maps regularly to get to work? Maybe the first time. Maybe the second, but even a dumb dumb should be able to make it without maps after that.
    Hi Lee Fuk… Maybe just maybe someone who thought that was a good example to use maps is also dumb enough to need to use maps every day to get to work… ?

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