[Hearthstone] Master Hearthstone in 10 Minutes! The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

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  1. couldn't ubmake this vid more boring cause i feel a little bit interested while watching and i dont like that

  2. Somebody, please tell me that Im not the only one who thinks magic should sue hearthstone for copyright

  3. I am installing Hearthstne right now. So I would like to learn how to play. This video is great at giving the basics. I have been playing Magic the Gathering Arena online. In this video, Hearthstone is very easy to understand. It is like Magic but without the color pie. I do like to play WOW. So I am familiar with the lore and the battle system. I think I am in a good position to learn Hearthstone.

  4. So i have a pc and i wanna play on my iphone xr, never played this game before can i use my same account on both platforms?

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