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  1. I feel pity for the enemy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. When u dive in they are sure death..Awesome mechanisms in using the 2skills n ulti..GG..Dude..😎😎

  2. I learn to use hero in this channel it so awesome channel and i also recommended to my friends went they ask me what the good channel in youtube . Ihope i get chang e skin special πŸ™‚ i really want it tq id:351727432(9466)

  3. When Xiyor plays Haya, it really became the high damage dealer .
    This could be a victory but then
    Why did hayas teammates went to clash without him?

  4. I love how you play Hayabusa , he is become a real ninja when you play him, but when I play him he becomes Fighter or Marksman???hahaha..

    I tried to copy how you play Haya because I love Hayabusa.

  5. I thought its going to be an epic comeback. It's just difficult to see Lesley still not fed in the late game.

  6. sir im a big fan of hayabusa, in thats my super dooper favorate hero, im always watching ure video on youtube, pleasee a want skin of haya..

  7. Just a prank , but haya still op hahahaha. Moskov just really commended you. Ggwp

  8. Awhile ago i didn't pick haya because there's gusion and thought that he's just pranking. But he's real noob. T.T

  9. Haya God 😲 i’m always watching your videos. And try to copy your movesπŸ€— haya fan here.

  10. Gg
    Well to be honest
    You are really good in haya
    I mean after only watching your video my hayabusa winrate increase to 50:4 out of 409 match before it was like 46:3 your skills are awesome now am in 45 in my state wish to see more

  11. Even ling can't escape from the haya god
    Now that's what i call "A LEGEND"
    Good vid
    Hoping for another vid i hope savage

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