Hacking The IPhone And IPad With A Lightning Cable OMG!

OMG! Hacking IPhone And IPad With a Lightning Cable?

Now this is definitely the sort of stuff from sci-fi movies, but now it seems to be making it’s way to the mainstream market!

There is going to be a lightning style USB cable that can be connected to an i-device like an IPhone or IPad or even a MAC or PC that will look like a traditional charger but will…


  1. Hmm I’ve got a question. If you’ve got one of these chargers and throw it out does the hacker still have access to the device ??

  2. If you want to be 100% sure you can trust the cable you use do the following.
    Run an ssid scan, save output, plug untrusted cable into a wall and then run another ssid scan and reference. If there is a new 802.11 station, chances are your cable is nefarious. Not sure. Repeat process, if it shows when plugged in and not when unplugged, it’s confirmed.

  3. That is kinda scary. all they need to do is go to Mc Donalds for example, plug in a cable to a USB socket and go sit elsewhere and just wait for someone to plug there phone in to charge it up and boom they got there target.

  4. You are correct, Mike… it really could be a problem. I am guessing that manufacturers of phones and Operating Systems will provide patches for it if it does become a serious risk (I would hope) but that means that a) you can't patch if you don't know the specific vulnerability and b) people have to patch their devices. Updating Windows/MAC OS and iOS/Android is easy… but if it becomes an issue with other devices, that would be bad. I don't believe most people would think to patch their router, for example.

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