HACKING INTO NURSE'S PORTAL!! (haunted hospital..?) | Dark Deception [Chapter 4] Hacks

This one must be one of the Creepier Monsters.. and yet we know so little about it 😬

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  1. The most Requested idea on the previous episode, well, you asked for it 😬 Don't tell me I didn't warn you about the Nurses 💉

  2. you’re taking the fun out the game when you hack into certain things 🙁!! i expected to here you scream and to see jump scares

  3. Bendy and the ink machine = Bendy and the hack machine
    Dark deception = Hack Deception
    Bendy and the dark revival = ?

  4. Oh wow I never realised you can see the cages now, usually is was a pile of dirt.

  5. How can you teleport and have speed is a glitch you press a control or you have hacks in dark deception or hack decpetion whereever

  6. theory of ya boi oompa loompa
    if ertyez ketp hacking da chapters…
    Every Chars on the chapter 4 : am i a joke to you?, if you kept hacking hs then lets just ask glowstick to name it Hack Deception.

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