Hacking Android Over Internet (Cybersecurity)

Hosting meterpreter listeners of metasploit over the internet as well as apache web server for delivery of payload. Video is strictly for educational purposes.

Ethical Hacker | Penetration Tester | Cybersecurity Consultant

About The Trainer:
Loi Liang Yang
Certified Information Systems Security Professional
Certified Ethical Hacker
CompTIA Security+



  1. Ich war misstrauisch, weil mein Mann mich betrogen, also beschloss ich, seine WhatsApp zu hacken, um die Wahrheit herauszufinden. Ich benutzte einen Hacker namens CYBERSECURITY CORPORATION, der mir half, das Telefon meines Mannes innerhalb von sechs Stunden zu hacken, und ich fand die Wahrheit, dass mein Mann betrügte. Sie können den Hack erreichen, indem Sie cybersecteam1@gmailcom oder WhatsApp unter +1(872)3101266 per E-Mail senden

  2. i tried it. everything goes well but when i tried to start install it gives virus warning any solutions?? how to clean this file

  3. Using kali Linux hack an android mobile and after switch off that Mobile. it can still access that Mobile??

    While hacked a Android and I have reboot or switch off my kali Linux. And…. Switching on after some times I can still access the hacked device?? 🤔🧐

  4. Hi Mr Liang yang i am to subscribe youtube channel because is really Amazing for hacking skill you how to tips for me in hacking thank you 👍👍

  5. That's android 9, I've tried this before with android 7 and it didn't work 🤔😟

  6. Sir may i know whether i can retrieve victim's chats from that android device?? Plz help I am i really need of your answer

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