Hack Any Android Device in less than 5 Minutes With Kali Linux | Ethical Hacking Tutorial

Hey Fact Trojan,
Today I’m Gonna show you How to Hack any Android Device using Kali Linux! A complete step by step tutorial on Android Hacking with Meterpreter.

This video is an Ethical Hacking tutorial. In this video, I will be teaching you how to create your own payload and bind it to an original apk and thus create a backdoor. When this backdoor is executed on the target mobile, it opens a tcp connection with a specific port to the hacker’s computer(by making use of port…


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  3. Hai brother, after command exploit

    the output
    Handler failed to bind to "my ip adress": 4444 :- –

    how to fix this?
    everytime i type my ipv4 in google chrome it can't access, it says "This site can't be reached"

  4. after sudo config I enter my password it says my computer is not in sudeors file

  5. lol. how can we say some one to install that apk. im going to hack you cell phone :DDDD

  6. Bro this doesnt work now cuz no one is using tcp only udp to avoide the handshakes 😂😅

  7. After typing last command "exploit" it is just showing started reverse tcp handler on "IP:4444"
    Nothing is happening after that.

  8. is it enough if my computer is connected to ethernet and my test device is connected to same network via wifi

  9. It says download failed on my android device, is it because I installed root on my phone ( Magisk root ) or did I miss something

  10. make sure the phone is connected to the same network as your you mean wifi? Also if there are more than one phone in the connection how do i decide the one i want to connect to?

  11. Sooo . . . what device are you on in the video? Why are you on it? What do the commands mean? What are the directory structures? Why do you have to use them? What are they for? How does this "hack" a phone? I'm thinking you're a parrot. You know what commands to type, but have no clue why or what you are doing. So, because YOU have no clue what you are doing, you have no clue what to do when there are errors or even WHY there are errors, and in turn, neither does anyone else who tries to fumble along with what you are doing. Fail.

  12. What if i can not connect to same network because i do not know which network that device use then how i can know the network and get connected to the same network

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