[Gwent] 10 Beginner Tips For New Players

Welcome to all the new players joining Gwent!

If you are looking to start building your collection and you find yourself unsure where to begin, have a look at this crafting guide:

If you are seeking the strongest decks right now, have a look at the TLG meta report:

If you are looking for more in depth videos and tips, have a look at my common mistakes series:…


  1. Recently started playing this after the mobile release. Loving it so far! Great video, thanks for the tips!

  2. How should you build a deck? For example how many special cards should you have and how many tactic cards and ratios of decks on general

  3. I started this week to play gwent and I'm been using many of these tips. I'm focusing only in Scoia'Tael right now, they are my favorite.

  4. im new to this kind of game and you actually impress me for the details you told.very well said.hoping for more vid coz ill hit that "like" and "subscribed" button.

  5. Summary

    Tip #1: Card advantage – always have 1 more card than your opponent, it's okay to lose round 1 if it makes your opponent have 1 less card than you. At round 3, have equal cards or opponent has 1 less card.

    Tip #2: Don't mill cards unless you have duplicates – milling cards of 1 faction to craft cards of another faction will have negative effects in the long run, because it affects your progression.

    Tip #3: Don't waste leader abilities – practice using leader abilities and use them in a tactical way to achieve maximum efficiency.

    Tip #4: Order ability cards – you can't use their abilities in the same turn, unless they have 'Zeal'. Destroy opponent's order ability cards before they can use its ability. Using an order ability is not recognized as a turn, you have to play another card into the board.

    Tip #5: Engine cards – cards that gain value overtime. Keep in mind of opponent's engine cards, and if opponent plays engine cards and is very ahead of you, don't be afraid to pass.

    Tip #6: Deck building – to be able to build a good deck, understand cards available to a faction and find out which card best complements another. Look at source materials from internet (Link provided by op) Study provision system. If a card costs 8 provision, expect to get 8 value from card (op said there are lots of exceptions). Always have 0 leftover provision to not waste deck value.

    Tip #7: Passing and when to pass – always keep in mind that whoever wins the round goes first in the next round. Understand your own and opponent's deck. If your deck is good in the long run, try to push to round 3 (but don't push yourself, you might get a card down and give your opponent a card advantage), if opponent's deck is good in the long run, try to finish in round 2 (if you can't push to round 3, push opponent in round 2 to break opponent's combos). If you go first and you pass, make sure your opponent plays 1 more card after you pass.

    Tip #8: Resource management – know when to use your strong cards and be sure to get the maximum value of the card while making the opponent get the least value for their cards. Don't commit good cards to opponent's low value cards.

    Tip #9: Playing 1 faction – if you are a new player, try to stick to 1 faction (at least for the beginning), because it allows you to build a good collection and lets you focus your resources on 1 faction.

    Tip #10: Mulligans and tutor cards – try to decide what cards you want in your hand for that round, and when you have a tutor card, be sure to have the card it plays/summons in your DECK. Be careful of mulligans when you have a tutor card because you might draw the card that it plays/summons. You don't have to use all your mulligans. Decide what cards you want in your hand, and what cards you want in your deck. Be careful not to brick powerful cards.

    Definitions (from team aretuza website)
    Mulligan – swapping a card for another before the start of a round.
    Tutor card – a card that plays/summons another card from your DECK.
    Bricking – A card which will be weaker than expected. A card is bricked when its ability does not activate or activates with a very poor outcome.

    Edited for spacing and corrections.

  6. Nothing says "I want to be a famous YouTuber" like those hideous racing chairs. Seriously, those things are played out.

  7. Why do you sound like a South African🤨. Anyway great guide/tips. Been playing since the beginning and my 2 goals are to win a 9 round arena run, and secondly, to reach pro rank😓. Any tips on that?

  8. I always won first round, immediately pass 2nd, and go straight for 3rd. It
    might not sound like a good strategy, but works perfectly for me.

  9. I despise the fact I forgot you can craft cards. I presumed you could only get them in barrels and as a reward after a match. I wasted so much time its unreal.

  10. it took me like 2 minutes to figure out what the heck he means when saying “pause” until i realised he meant “pass”.

  11. Thanks, needed the help now that I moved from HS to Gwent (and loving it so far). I hereby declare you the Kripp of Gwent!

  12. I played a lot of the "old" standalone gwent but I have so much trouble getting in the homecoming one. They removed 1 row and silver cards it's quite confusing for a returning player

  13. #1 just do what everyone does watch a short video on the deck you want then net deck it and play it exactly like the person you watched play it, the majority of the people you face does it

  14. I like your videos! Keep going! Videos talking about theories are more attracting than simple gameplay recordings

  15. Maybe play a certain faction for like say three days straight and then move to the next and keep rotating or so

  16. I think the general thing I’m learning here is that I need to learn the cards and fully understand how they work.

  17. Also don't be discouraged if you keep losing in the beginning it takes a while to get your winning streak going…for the most part 😅

  18. hello thanks for this guide. i just started playing gwent 4days ago on xbox one and downloaded it too on pc. im just wondering how i've gotten enough materials to use on crafting on xbox when i was about level level 8, and now on pc currently level 7 and no materials to use for crafting. i'm a bit confused how i've gotten those materials. i just wish that i could also use my xbox account on pc.thanks in advance

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