Guide Me – Reinvented | The Best Navigation Application for Samsung Gear 2/S

This is a showcase video of the “Guide Me” integrated application which was developed for the Round 2 of Samsung Gear app challenge 2014 by Thusitha Manathunga, Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka.

Guide Me is a real time navigation application which is simultaneously run on Samsung Gear smart watch and Samsung Galaxy mobile devices to show directions for a specified destination.

This new version of “Guide Me” mainly includes,

1. Voice Navigation.
2. Details about your…


  1. I am in South Korea and cant find the Guide Me App on the Samsung Gear Apps store. and I am going to use this on my upcoming trip to Italia soon.

  2. Nice idea and app, but…did you get spanked by Samsung? I couldn't find the app in the Gear store (and trust me, I even bothered going through a VPN to see if there is something wrong with Canada…). Too bad.

  3. I am still having problems in installing the apps in my Galaxy Gear S. Appreciate if you could answer to my previous query. Thank you 

  4. I am in Australia and cant find me the Guide Me App on the Samsung Gear Apps store. Is it available in Australia?

  5. sorry for this, but the app is there to download in the store, I go to download and after download it says failed to install, is this definitely not available for the gear one? 

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