Group Messages on iPhone and Android

Leo Laporte and Megan Morrone talk about what happens when you try to create a group chat with people on Android and iOS. You can do it, but it won’t be pretty, especially if you don’t pay for unlimited text messages.
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  1. I was hoping this was going to show how to get an iPhone set to group message with several android and iPhone devices

  2. Good morning everyone, I have a tech question. From an Android phone from our Minister at church, he created a group message for board members. Now, I have a I-Phone and yes, I get the group messages, HOWEVER, I don't see the NAMES of those who are sending their messages. How Do I get the names to appear on an I-Phone????? any suggestions

  3. This is not Androids fault, it is apples for being selfish and money hungry… If anyone is "downgrading" it, it is apple.

  4. "Once you include THOSE Android people, then nobody get's the balloon" – Girl, that sounds very salty to THOSE Android people. 😂

  5. Leo is co-hosting a phone centric show on a network called This Week in Technology, and can't tell the difference between SMS and MMS.

  6. Use Facebook. Everybody have a Facebook account. You can group text or FaceTime to anybody who have a phone. It's not a big deal at all.

  7. Such a useless video, do they even know what they are on about? Just sounded like more apple elitists acting as if iphone is miles better. Wasted my time on this video

  8. Well this cleared up NOTHING AT ALL!!! Sounds like they don't even know what they're talking about or know the differences. They were more worried about Mr Mans text plan than answering the damn question or giving a clear resolution.

  9. I am in a group message with my parents. Me and my mom have an android. My dad gets my messages but my mom does not when it is a group message. It is weird its my mom not getting it but my dad it since my mom and I both have androids.

  10. Group messaging is an MMS. It's simple. Always has been.
    SMS over the character limit also converts to MMS now.
    Pictures messages are MMS.

    iMessage uses data. No MMS or SMS required.

  11. People should just all switch to Signal. DO EET
    Yeah, it's boring, doesn't have all the extra nonsense, but it works independent of platform, it's the most secure messaging system around, and group chat is there.

    Whatsapp would be second place I guess. Also encrypted – though Whatsapp still might share metadata when needed (aka police) – it has voice messages, voice call, video call, and a bunch of extra nonsense. Good pointer that it's good is that the chinese government just banned it. Signal has been banned for even longer. Because they can't crack it to spy on citizens.
    It's what my mom has been using to call me, and she's absolutely outside the entire tech thing. 😛
    Her workplace adopted Whatsapp for communication, so she eventually got used to the entire thing. In fact, Whatsapp is something of a remarkable thing here in Brazil… your business might not have a Facebook page, might not have a webpage, might have zero online presence… but if it doesn't have an Whatsapp number to get in contact with, then you are pretty much screwed.
    Not to mention that if you really hate typing on a smartphone screen, you can just get the desktop app and use that instead.

    I just discarded everything else entirely. Facebook Messenger was bad enough when they decided to make it a separate app for no good reason, but after a ton of grievances with both the Messenger and Facebook app I just went back to web based Facebook and eliminated Messenger altogether. If someone sends me a message from Facebook, whenever I see it on the desktop I just tell them I don't use it anymore.

    Then again, this is Brazil… if someone says they are gonna use iMessage only, it's their loss. iOS has less than 5% of the market here, Android is currently over 90%. iOS has less than a percentage difference in comparison to Windows Phones, so you can imagine…

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