GoPro Hero 7 Black Beginners Guide | Getting Started

Update: Hero 8 Black Beginners Guide:

This is my beginner’s guide for the GoPro Hero 7 Black. In this video, we cover all the basics to help you get up and running and shooting content with your new GoPro. This beginner’s guide is a tutorial geared to those who have just purchased a GoPro Hero 7 Black and have never used one before.
Some of the topics I go over are:
-Unpackaging Your Hero 7 Black.
-How To Mount Your GoPro Hero 7 Black.
-Charging Your GoPro Hero…


  1. Would you recommend to buy a screen protector for the screen and the lens?

  2. Got my GPH7B last week, I’m 68 & enjoyed getting it out the box! Set up easy but struggled to link to the app. Sorted & thought I’d better get some expert advice. Watched the vid & paused as I copied the sections on screen. Tomorrow I’m off to explore my world & film/photo loads safe in the knowledge & can delete stuff.
    Sooooo looking forward to enjoying the camera, wished I’d got one earlier.
    Any tips most gratefully received.

  3. Great introduction video! Just got a gopro black 7 and knew finding a youtube video would be the best introduction. Yours was excellent. Followed along and learned just what I needed to get started! Thank you!!

  4. very nicely done. I just ordered mine and feel that when I receive it, I will be hitting the ground running. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain the base features. Looking forward to watching part 2.

  5. Weird, just got a brand new GoPro 7…. It came with a curved adhesive mount but not a flat one.. Those bastards!!

  6. I've just received my GoPro Hero 7 white today, and came looking for this video when I couldn't figure out how to take the camera out of the box, let alone how to deal with the settings. Thanks for a very useful video (I did not destroy the box in which it came, lol)

  7. you said you was going to show in deeper settings in another video that never come. do you alway not finish what you started? i just bought one the other day and started watching your video that is incomplete

  8. So if I have a bigger memory it stays more than 2 hours? Or the time is based on how much charge in the battery?

  9. Thanks for the video. Picking up a 7 black in a few minutes at BB.. 8 is too much. 7-B is on sale right now. I have the 4 and love it. Also the original brand new. Never used it.

  10. 1:57 isn't the little plastic piece usefull for mounting it again in a steady way or does it make no difference at all?

  11. Great info ! Just replaced my Hero6 that was mounted in my Karma Drone ( that unfortunately hit the water and sunk like a rock, lost but not forgotten) love your tutorial style , will join your family of friends and see what more I can learn. Thanks

  12. Man. Rly tnx you. I understud now much more. For 1 time i gona use this for my vlips, and i be little in fair. But now, u help me. U very very good 💪💪💪

  13. Nice Video!! Very thorough information for beginners, I have just ordered my GoPro hero7.
    Do you have any recommendation on settings, I will be recording while im on my motorcycle.

  14. I am thinking of purchasing a Hero 7 but I’m confused between the silver and black. The silver is a lot cheaper is there any difference. Thanks for a very informative video.

  15. I am in my 60's and this video (only one I watched) had my GoPro7 up and running and paired to my Galaxy in a matter of minutes and gave me a layman's guide on how to set up, use and change settings. I highly recommend you watch this before you attempt to read instruction manuals and try to figure it out on your own unless you had a previous GoPro.

  16. Hi just came across your vlog on GoPro,I’m 62 and not bad with technology thank you so much so straight forward, I know there’s a new GoPro out now so I hope this is basically the same.

  17. Thank you for all the help. I am learning a great deal about my GoPro 7 Black from watching your excellent tutorials. It is very kind of you to do this for us.

  18. good grief is this bit of plastic what people are paying so much for lol madness its like people paying for PS pro as a app monthly I got mine years ago and it still as more options than the rip off apps  guys wise up lol  invest that money your wasting

  19. i love how handy the app "would" be but connecting the camera to my phone is a terrible experience every time i try to do so…

  20. Thank you SO much for this detailed video! I just got this one for my Birthday and was happy to find your video!

  21. I encourage everyone here to not get a stupid vivitar DVR 786HD they don’t have sound no features and are just pieces of sh**

  22. Ooops, I meant to say Stumpy Nubs. Anyways, love how simple you explain things. Thanks for sharing with us newbies

  23. You sound like the guy from Stuby Nubs. Love that channel as well. Learned lots about woodworking tools there

  24. Got my hero 7 today and was watching the video when you got to the voice control mode it was so responsive and started doing what you were saying

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