Google Voice – Call record

Record calls on the fly and access recordings online


  1. 91 59 710 736 இந்த நம்பர் 2005 இல் இருந்து 2010 வரை வாய்ஸ் ரெக்கார்டிங்

  2. Should be noted as of this date, it only allows you to record incoming calls, not outgoing.

  3. Google … please change [4] for a more complex command, [*]+[4] for example, to avoid talk-off triggering the recording function.

  4. wen i initiate the call from google voice Website ,I can record with the '4' , but if i use goog-voice from my fone and try to record, then it doesn't work for me . Weird . Fix It GooGle !!

  5. whoa – thanks for explaining that – I 2nd that – outbound calls are critical esp if you are interviewing folks!

  6. So start giving out your google number from now on. That's what I'm doing.

  7. i tryed this but.. it didnt work is it suposed to work just by pressing 4 at any time during the conversation?

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