Google Pixel 4 | Tips & Tricks Guide | Best new features!

This Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL tips and tricks guide shows you how to use the best new features, from the radar-based Motion Sense and helpful Live Captions, to the new face unlock security and other Android 10 favourites.

Of course the Pixel 4 boasts all of the new Android tools such as Dark Mode and parental controls, but there’s a lot of unique, exclusive features packed into Google’s flagship phone also. Here’s how to:

Setup the screen and customise the Pixel’s Always On Display…


  1. So my mom just ordered a pixel 4 and she doesn't have the ambient eq or colors settings in the display section. I've been googling everywhere and no one has this issue. Is their a way to unlock those features?

  2. You've got a nice voice. Thanks for the video, I've got one on the way and was curious what to expect.

  3. i liked the wallpaper of the home screen if anybody know the source is it app or site

  4. 5:15? It's called lock down mode. And last I checked fingerprints worked with your eyes closed tooπŸ˜‚ great vid altho i must say that the pixel 4 has greatly improved with updates. About 12-14 hrs on time with sot of about 4-6

  5. Thank GAWD for you. I was forced to upgrade and wanted to throw this thing in trash, it's so awful. But now that I know I can get the home screen button back, I may keep it. Gestures should not be on by default.
    Still disappointed that they took fingerprint ID away. There's no way I'm giving the government my face ID.

  6. Thanks a lot for this great review, I've got a new Pixel 4 arriving tomorrow and can't wait 😁 πŸ‘πŸ“±

  7. Look at all these features!
    But wait, you'll want to turn those off because Google downgraded the battery.

  8. When the S11 releases it will make this look like a 5 year old phone, and iphones will be returned to the stone age… again.

  9. And a cool feature which will help anyone not happy about the phone being unlocked when you are asleep is checking out security settings. There is a feature that shuts off your face unlock for a specified period and will have to be an alternative access method, ie password . You can use it just by holding the power button and hitting the feature . Works a treat and real easy to turn on and off

  10. My favorite feature in Android 10 is the Override force-dark setting in System > Develop Options (requires you to activate developer mode first). It basically gives apps without a dark theme a simplistic dark theme. As a result you can get dark themes for blinding white apps I use every day, like Google Play Music and WordReference.

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