Google Nexus: Android SDK Manager and Driver Installation (for ADB / Fastboot / Custom ROM) Tutorial

This is a tutorial for setting up Android SDK Manager for your Android phone. This guide is focused with a concentration on people looking to set up ADB and Fastboot to flash their phones. If you’re looking to restore your phone or flash a custom ROM such as Cyanogenmod or Paranoid Android you’re in the right place.

Android SDK Manager:

Details forthcoming…


  1. It can't find my Device 🙁
    I can not do something because my Nexus 4 stuck, by "Checking Connection". I can only go to CWM and Bootloader, but my PC can't find any device on it. Pls help me..

  2. i cant seem to be able to run sdk manager. i get the error "failed to execute toolsandroid.bat error 2. please help, my phone is bricked and i need to get those platform commands.

  3. I'm having issues with the Android Manager. When I try to find the path to Java Dev Kit right after I open the install file, it requests jdk-7u67-windows-x64.exe, but the one that I have downloaded off the Java site that the installer links me to is jdk-7u71-windows-x64.exe, so when I try to continue, it tells me that it can't detect a valid JDK.

    Would you happen to have any ideas?

  4. Thank you so much for this.  I kept getting lost when opening the command prompt in other video.  Now I have the path set up.  SO MUCH EASIER!

  5. Can you tell me how to get to the bootloader interface. I have a nexus 4 running cyanogenmod. I’ve followed all the steps and the device manager recognises the android phone: google nexus ADB interface. But I can’t get to the bootloader. I’ve tried volume down+power and volume up+down+power and nothing works.

  6. The USB part isn't there. and im tring your unrooting video and it keeps waiting for my device even though its there so im tring to get the usb stuff in but its not on the list in SDK mannager

  7. I have followed the instructions from your 2 videos explicitly but for whatever reason, I end up with my nexus 4 as an "other device" under device manager. And I can't seem to get the driver to update despite seeing exactly what you see in your 2 videos. Any ideas as to the cause of this and how to fix it? I downloaded Cyanogenmod, and for whatever reason, the navigation pane quit functioning which means the home button is unusable. All help is appreciated!

  8. when i double click to open SDK manager it wont open, the command prompt screen flashes for a second and then dissapears. i tried running as admin and redownloading and it wont work! 
    im running windows 8 
    Please help 🙁 

  9. hi, i am trying to restore my galaxy nexus to factory mode from cynogenmod dut to warranty can you please help me 

  10. it wont work it dosent show my android  in control panel and when i press dk manager it pops for a millisecond and its gone

  11. After i extract the file, it does not let me open the SDK MANAGER file. It says "the publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?" 

  12. I get to the flash all bat part and it works until the end where it says that "archive does not include boot.sig"  and "recover.sig"  what am I doing wrong?

  13. Soper Man, for whatever reason, YouTube does not allow me to reply to your comment.  I'm using the new internal screen recording function within Android 4.2 (KitKat).  You can learn more about how to use this on one of my other YouTube videos "Google Nexus (How-To): Android 4.4 KitKat Free Screen Recording / Screen Capturing (Tutorial)".

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