Google Maps tip: Send directions to your Android phone from your desktop

Late last week, Google updated its Maps Android app to version 9.11.0. Although its user interface remains the same, it now has one pretty awesome feature: You can now send locations, navigation instructions and directions straight to your Android phone. Cam guides you through a simple and quick tutorial on how to get it done.

Google Maps 9.11.0:

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  1. Google maps app must be the shittiest and least intuitive navigation tool out there. Do not use unless you really, REALLY have no other option. Get a dedicated GPS!

  2. Is there any way I can send from my phone to my car android, or is that another fantastic thing to be done by Google in the future?

  3. not working on xiaomi mi 6, notification via email works . It's a pity that it doesnt send the modifications to the suggested route made by hand

  4. Maps has added AR for walking directions. I'm going try to get lost in the woods and see how it goes.!

  5. I can send navigation instructions to my phone but then the phone doesn't save them. If I view the instructions and then close the map app, the instructions are gone and no longer there when I re-open the map.

  6. Did you cover "the basics" at the beginning of this video? And by that, I mean, did you say whether or not the phone MUST have a data account on it? (Don't assume anything, please.)

  7. Thanks for this – I needed to understand why my directions weren't being received by my phone, until I noticed that my notifications were switched off for Maps – thanks to you for bringing that to my attention 🙂

  8. I tried it and was amazed to discover that it works offline.  My Android phone was on a Wi-Fi connection when I sent directions to it from my desktop.  I took the phone to the car and drove to my destination without a connection of any kind.  I got complete turn-by-turn directions until I arrived.  On the return trip, however, Maps refused to open because I didn't have a signal.  So now I'm trying to figure out how to make a round trip!

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