Google I/O 2010 – A beginner's guide to Android

Google I/O 2010 – A beginner’s guide to Android

Android 101

Reto Meier

This session will introduce some of the basic concepts involved in Android development. Starting with an overview of the SDK APIs available to developers, we will work through some simple code examples that explore some of the more common user features including using sensors, maps, and geolocation.

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  1. I think it's more important for the absolute beginner to understand these concepts (use little memory, avoid creating objects, use native methods, use static and final, etc) BEFORE they create their first app, even their first hello world.

  2. To anyone looking to learn Android. Forget "Hello, World!" exercises. They teach you NOTHING. Instead, start building simple activities. I recommend the following books:
    1. Hello, Android: Introducing Google's Mobile Device Platform
    2. Android Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach
    3. Ivor Horton's Beginning Java

  3. as according to 2:43 , this video should be renamed as "Android Best Practices for Beginners"

  4. @1bender2000 I am drunk and that SHOULD read, "…what he is "saying", I HAVE a much harder time….

  5. @tlmcqu80 agreed, I am a beginner and while I can understand what he is "saying" I am a much harder time applying any of it. it is a bit misleading. What I think the title should read is, "A beginner's guide to Android who already has a programming background or is familiar with java."

  6. get the fundamentals first…. understand API's, packages, etc… in a programming class… then come here… make a couple of simple hello word apps first… then come here… the things he's explaining, you must have some understanding of Android programming…

  7. @powerhousephg If your just started with android, its not that important to understand every little facette of this video. I also assume you dont understand the few classes he does mention but it doesent matter. The basic concepts and models he explains are important.

  8. How should i come up using "undocumented Apis". If they arent documented i wouldnt even know how to use them 😛

  9. @krophiquon Considering the people in that keynote flew from all over the world and paid to get in I assume they werent newbies who hadn't done a hello world app.. their priorities were probably different

  10. @krophiquon actually it is a beginners guide, cause to beginn programming apps for android u should already be able to do some programming in java…

  11. anyone know a good place to start with this stuff as far as tutorials in programming, not just search box results but personal exp with something that helped them get started in java?

  12. IdeaRRRRRR only complaint i had about this video. And I had to say it D:

    Other than that VERY informative video. Thank you so much.

  13. @Shiraldi and what should they be using ? ..Nexus One for presentation ? 😀

  14. @krophiquon download eclipse, install ADV plugin via eclipse, download the sdk version you're planing to use, google for a hello world example or the more complex notepad example and you're done.
    it takes less than read this post.

  15. not really a beginner's guide. It seems like it's more "tips for good programming" for novice android developers. Was hoping for more info about actually 'Beginning' android development, ie: setting up the environment and working within the IDE to create a first application.

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