Google Earth Hacks: How to Find (and Use) GPS Coordinates

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One of the inherent challenges every land investor has to deal with is finding the precise location of the properties they’re working with.

Most vacant land properties don’t have a registered street address – so it’s not as simple as plugging an address into your GPS system and driving there. In order to get turn-by-turn directions, you…


  1. Let me help make this faster and easier: For example: "The Cave" at the base of the Canaleta on Aconcagua, Argentina. Coords given on a website are 32º 39.24'
    (S) 70º 00.95' (W). Now, if you enter those coords as is, you will get: 32º 39.24'
    (N) 70º 00.95' (E), (wrong hemispheres) so you must enter the negative of each, like: -32º 39.24' -70º 00.95'. Now, since you can't get the degrees symbol, just enter: -32 39.24,-70 00.95. Mind the spaces between degrees and decimal_minutes. Lastly, (at least in my case) the coords that show at bottom of Google Earth window (lower right) are the degrees minutes decimal_seconds conversion of the degrees decimal_minutes you have entered in this example. Done.

  2. Thank you for the sharing! Your elaborate explanations and examples have helped me very much!

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