Google Duo, Group Video Calls for Android & iPhone

Google Duo now allows for group video calls of up to 8 users and easy video messaging. You can use Google Duo on Android, iPhone, Smart Displays, Tablets & Computers!

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  1. Who will you be in your first Duo group video call? Let me know what device you use and how it goes!

  2. Currently, because of Coronavirus, it's possible to include 11 other users in video calls!

  3. Is there a way to participate and see the video of just 2 members so they can have a bigger screen? basically the others are observing the call between the 2 parties?

  4. how do you add multiple contacts on your windows 7 computer to chat with simultaneously ,can you call them all from computer laptop?

  5. I find Duo is better quality over WhatsApp. I've nudged my friends over to the app! Though Duo uses up to 8mb per minute. That's slightly more than WhatsApp I believe.

  6. They keep jumping around.
    It should just highlight the person and not move the pictures.

  7. It's very useful… I want to learn this application… Feedback my channel if you want to help me… I come from Indonesia brother

  8. Is there anyway to control the constant rotation of people on the video?
    I believe I am the only one that stays in the same place!

  9. It seems to have changed a bit since this was made. It doesn't "automatically add" people you have to select add them. It is now up to about 11 people but the group call screen looks different. I have been using it for a couple weeks with one person but for some reason when she calls it will not always let me answer – or else a call won't go through.
    Also I notice a lot of cross-chat in the demo – garbled noises.

  10. Linking phone numbers to people creates great metadata for governments

  11. Bret, when I make a group call some of the receivers do not receive the call. How can I fix?

  12. Thank you for this demo which I sought out because I've given my Mum a Lenovo smart display for Duo calls. These don't support group calls and I understand that the same applies to Duo on a laptop. Does anyone know what happens if you try to include someone whose device doesn't support group calling in a group call? Do they only get part of the conversation or do they not get the call at all?

  13. Ok I was doing fine till I watched the whole video. Holy confusing. Not super Techy being a senior. Might have to watch it about 10 times. Great to have it though and will continue to learn more about it.

  14. I just discovered this video. I am so happy. You see my mom is in a care home and it's in lockdown now. I contacted the home and they said we can only provide video communication ONLY if you have an iPhone or iPad.
    I told them screw that you should be able to see her even with an android.
    So I did my investigation and found you with tons of information. I will send this to the IT person at the care home. I had to do his job. Guess I should do his job.
    Once I try this I will let you know the outcome. Mom's care home is in Ontario and I'm in British Columbia.

  15. Is it possible to begin a video chat with a person and also have someone be a voice call? I need an interpreter for a session and she wants to be voice only

  16. Hey excellent description. I have used Duo just quickly once or twice, now I will get a few friends on, have a virtual happy hour! Thanks, well done! Peace. Also, subbing now.

  17. Why do the videos keep jumping around? I find it disorienting and annoying.

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