GOLDEN MAX KING OF CLASS A!! Genty Akylone (6* Rank 4310) Multiplayer in Asphalt 9 (feat. Com. John)

Commissar John tests the Genty Akylone in multiplayer! Enjoy 😀

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  1. Thank you so much for the feature Feuerrm! I really appreciate it! ☺☺

  2. What will be new cars in upcoming event! If somebody knows please tell us. I heard shelby gt and divo are coming

  3. Well if its a beast … and i saw the stats …. why the centenario is higher classed or the fxx k??? That makes no sense.

  4. Can you make a guide for tilt to steer on phones? I know the tricks but I just can't drive it well. I always turn too much or too little

  5. I thought it would've been the Aventador J when you said MAX High Class A Golden Max

  6. Hey – thanks for all these useful videos. I have a 4* Genty and tried it in MP today, but it was a drag. (I use TD on mobile.) I rely on my 6* Huayra or my max Huracan or 5* Porsche 911 GT3 RS (and a few others), they are so much easier to drive.
    BTW – I have a 3* Carrera GT and I have been pleasantly surprised – I often beat much higher ranked Corvettes and other cars in MP. Cheers!

  7. feuerrm im not gonna actually watch your videos because my mother said im not allow to watch yutube but i will sneak and watch love you

  8. The Scotland trick is totally useless here btw, he dropped a lot of speed and just better to take jump

  9. You forgot to mention something in the video, that unlocking the Akylone also unlocks the ‘French Connection’ career season (at the end of Chapter 5).

  10. Feuerrm: you really don't need this car
    Me: but we need it for the last career chapter

  11. I'm this was before the new A class elite cup but I'll say it anyway
    The AT96 is the king of the events not the genty because it's osaka

  12. Genty is not worth spending on if the solo packs cost 900 tokens per 10 and if its mixed packs have other cars which most people already have.

  13. I have the carrera gt at 2 stars because packs came out even if you didnt have it unlocked maybe they never came back for you for some reason? I thought they took them out of the store to lower the price from 90 tokens to 75 but I have also seen people unlock the car with packs that cost 75 tokens so I dont know

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