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  1. APRIL 23.2020
    I kept finding this app in the play store but I can't find, I just want to share my experience with this app
    This app is a Scam I kept playing for how many months and when I want to redeem the $50 it turns to zero (0) ang my tickets also zero all gone, don't waste your time playing this they are SCAM.

  2. 49.5 и все. Больше ничего не дает. Играл с нового года. И в замороженном состоянии уже несколько недель. Лохотрон. Трата времени.

  3. Cashed out $50 dollars on February 9th, and still have not received it in my paypal account.

  4. I won $50 on golden clover and cashed out it says collect 3to 7days to PayPal cash card it's been 5day still nothing yet any body ever win any thing

  5. This apps a big SCAM . You get to $49.50 then it won't give you a penny more. Waste of time ! I'm reporting this SCAM

  6. Still haven't received my money. And when you try and send a friend to play they don't have it to download anymore. A waste of time..

  7. You have to reach the amount of $50 before you can cash out I reach that amount and I can't cash out but what am I supposed to do? Can anyone tell me how to cash out? This is crazy. I feel like I wasted my time playing this game because it wasn't easy.

  8. No cash out, no responses. Hit $50 1/12/20. At 47.20 now but so many people are complaining about not getting their money. I still haven't received anything.

  9. I have won over $50.00 on this game and now it will not allow me to cash out the money that they promise. Total BS..

  10. This game is totally worthless. If you only want 1half cent at a time,one you get to $49.50 you can exspect to win nothing more.this game is a scam and nothing more. There ads are very misleading. You get the ten million in there co ins then you can't cash out because it's sold out. Don't waste your time on this game. After 30 days in a row winning nothing it's a worthless game and a waste of your time.

  11. I've collected $52.40 is my current collected cash will not send the paypal.send request..due to no launch located on screen ….it's formatted in desk top version preventing moble devices from viewing the send box or the full boxes needed to be filled in to complete the cash out request two weeks now I've attempted to get this layout as well as happy scratch both games have this same desktop format in the exact cash out page again no send bar to complete the payout request..I've got in all 4 different game apps with this pay out issue all have above the required cash goal reached all will not complete the send as the page is formatted to not allow Mobil devices to view the full page boxes that required to be typed in and send box not visable …try desk top version to complete the send in attempting this now ….I'll post my finding on this endeavor bob


  12. You have to cash out at $50.00 and yes looks like a scam, my wife is stuck at 49.50 and nothing after. I think it's a scam.

  13. Still waiting to see if they pay
    I doubt it however. I reached $50 and pushed cash out on 12/30/2019. Bunch of bullshit
    Won't play again. Still waiting. It's been 7 Business days.

  14. Not sure if this app is a scam or not, but at least at this point it looks like it has been removed. I recorded and scheduled this video days ago and it just posted. My guess is it probably is a scam? If you have hit the $50 mark and never got paid out please comment. There are apps out there that do for sure pay (as I have been able to cash out on Lucky Day a $5 gift card), but I am guessing this wasn't / isn't one of them? If anyone can say otherwise please comment. Thanks!

  15. This app has been removed from the play store. In addition hearing that they are not paying anything out.

  16. This app is a scam. I'm currently on $45.3 and it's impossible to get a $1 after spending couple hours of using this app, instead I get $0.005-$0.10. Other users say that they're not able to cash out even when they reach $50. I would not recommend using this app.

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