Goat Rearing Part 1| NBS Agribusiness

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  1. Mr Ssemenda good information I am from Pakistan I am also having ๐Ÿ goats in winter it's difficult to keep them well I welcome your suggestions my what's app number 03334257796

  2. Use adobe brick to build goat pens. Then install a roof over it. Using any lumber on the lower levels is a bad idea.

  3. Please can you give me your mobile number so that I can call you I need to your county to know how I can start this job

  4. Amissi simanda!
    Great job.
    What is your contacts????
    Email, WhatsApp, …

  5. My friend investigate in something call hydroponics . you will be able to feed cows and pigs and also goats every day with just one small green house

  6. Here, the measurable condition of goats. In India, goats have a great high standard of condition. Farmers are expending much in India for standardizing the goats' life.

  7. It is very interesting example for those African youth to have business.
    Muluken Zerihun. From Ethiopia, bahirdar.

  8. We have just won group grants to do this kind of project, but i would like to get to your farm and be given more knowledge

  9. My goats are having boils and miscarriages what could b the problem, what vaccines can l give, pliz help

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