Go Guidoo – a local tour guide app

Download the application here –

This is Guidoo. An extraordinarily easy way for guides & tourists to post and take tours in all of their favorite places.

After downloading the Guidoo or Guidoo Partner app all you need to do is register and fill in your profile info. Remember, “Guidoo” is for tourists, and “Guidoo Partner” is for tour guides.

Next, you either create tours and become visible to tourists around you in a real-time online regime or seek tour…


  1. Hi, iam firdaus, iam Indonesia tour guide, please contact me if you want to travelling in Indonesia, WhatsApp: +6282245250265
    Email: dhausakhbar1903@gmail.com

  2. This is dumb

    everybody just wants to replicate uber model, and its silly

  3. As for Thailand you arent allowed to use any Tour guide unless they are Thai and registered with the TAT

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