GitHub Project Management Tutorial – Setup GitHub Projects & Automations

Learn to setup GitHub Projects and Automations in this GitHub project management tutorial. You’ll learn to create and manage a Kanban board for your repository’s GitHub Issues and then automate the process of managing those GitHub Issues.

GitHub Project Boards:

Manage Pull Requests From The Command Line:

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  1. Great video, very helpful.
    Did you ever figure out how to automatically add issues to your backlog?

  2. Nice video, I saw some other guy's video similar that sucked, this video doesn't suck. You speak like you are trying to help people. (small very minor point it's not kan, like can, it's kahn like hahn with a 'k'anban). Thanks!

  3. Much more expensive than Trello, and doesn't have a free version of the product. Premium features may not be worth the cost when Zentao can do most of what this can do for free.

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