GitHub Pages Beginners Tutorial – Host Website on GitHub

How to Get Started with Git and GitHub –
In this video I am going to git you brief introduction of GitHub Pages, then I will show How to Host a website on GitHub Using GitHub Pages feature. In addition I am going to show I am going to show How to configure custom URL domain name to you website which is hosted on GitHub Pages. We can host a static HTML website on GitHub. This method can be used to host other HTML websites also like ReactJs,…


  1. Hi there. I happened to stumble upon your tutorial today and I want to say excellent and quick tutorial PLUS I have fallen in love with the template you are using.
    Would you mind sharing the name or link to the said template of

    Much thanks!

  2. Thanks man, help a lot. If someone has a broken site when load in browser, try to change the name folders if has a _ before folder name, like _image or _css, i changed this and worked fine.

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