Understand the differences between MERGE and REBASE and learn you can use these commands in your projects! Check out our courses: …


  1. This is a great video for explaining the difference between merge and rebase. The only thing that seemed "weird" to me was rebasing feature branch on master. I like to use rebase to keep a feature branch up to par with master, but then use merge to move feature changes into master (once development is finished on the feature).

  2. pictures are worth a thousand words…… it starts well, then the diagrams disappear and there's only words. @Py Nchia

  3. You say at 08:00 "Let's rewind the project a bit". For git tutorials, it's useful to put the git repository back exactly how it was at the start, including putting back any new branches etc. I would be interested to know how you do that? Do you reclone the local repo or keep a copy of the directory containing the .git directory before you start the tutorial? Thanks!

  4. I don't get the difference. In the example given, both approaches result in the same outcome – why use one over the other? Is it simply to see a more descriptive/explicit history of git commits?

  5. usually checkout -b new feature master, git merge master, git merge –squash featurebranch will do the works…

  6. It is quite difficult to understand with theses examples. Maybe if the command and best practice are given at the start and then the video gives the details : everyone would saves 16 min of their life to do somethingelse … just saying

  7. Excelent explanation. One of the few tutorials that actually made me get a little bit closer to understanding the difference between the two.

  8. I was expecting you to explain rebase along with the diagram you had. But you didn't. It's really hard to visualize everything you were trying to explain.

  9. i dont understand. why do these commentators push their annoying faces into tutorial material??

  10. I haven't worked on any public repository yet, but at my job i use "git rebase" when i want the updated code from master into my branch but i use "git merge" when i want to merge my features into master branch because i want to keep my branch clean.

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