Git Browser: The New Way to Install Kodi Addons from GitHub (17.0 Krypton or Above)

Now you can install any Kodi addon you’d like, directly from the individual developer’s GitHub repository. This is the new and improved method of Kodi addon installation!

The GitHub Browser empowers users by giving them one tool from which they can install any Kodi addon. Get your Kodi addons directly from their original sources, no Fusion Installer altenatives needed.

We hope to empower addon developers by making it easier for them to distribute their Kodi addons. We want developers to be…


  1. You should've showed us the add-on (that u'd be installing) on Github first, and worked back from there.

  2. A complete waste of time! This shit is buggy! I never should have watched the video!

  3. does not work anymore. Yes, it let's me install your plugin (indigo) and then GitBrowser does not install at all on a brand new Kodi distribution (on raspberry). Lame, very lame!!! CLICKBAIT, do not follow!

  4. I'm so glad I found you! I've been a TVA fan for EVER! On my last load I couldn't get fusion and guess what? My Kodi crashed n had to do fresh install. Everything's running great again like the good old days. Have a Q tho. When I'm in Manage Dependencies there's a broom icon next to urlresolver v5.0.15 What does that mean? Thanks so much.

  5. Git Browser isnt downloading or installing??? when I click on it it asks me if want to download I say yes and nothing happens

  6. I'm using Kodi via Libre Elec on the Raspberry Pi 3, when I click on Github Browser nothing happens, I do have the Chrome Launcher installed, anyone know of a fix for the Raspberry Pi 3?

  7. This sucks. Now I have to know the name of the developer. It is much easier to browse by add-on categories.

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