Gionee Marathon M3 5000 mAh Big Battery Android Phone Quick Review

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  1. I am looking for system updates of gionee m3 but still now also company not provided android lollipop 5.0 updates. Pls provide new system updates..

  2. Its pretty amusing that the one feature that the M3 is known for (Reverse Charging), isn't shown in any of the reviews. I hope someone will review that particular aspect and the time taken to charge a device using the M3 i.e rate of discharge.

  3. i am not a big fan of gionee even though i have been using its once flagshipped e3 phone. one of the main reason for it is gionee is not known for providing updates for its phone. its been almost 1.5 years and it hasnt provided any update for its e3… i wonder if i will stuck with the kitkat in days of lollipop.. and i particularly hate this amiogo ui

  4. I am currently using m2 and its a great phone. I was thinking of upgrading to m3 but as nothing has been improved except the battery i will keep my beautiful m2.

  5. Nice approach to the battery life in a smartphone. .
    why manufacturers are not trying to make a real beast with both in performance & long life,
    Why they can't understand that we don't want a SMARTPHONE which is highly powerful (as processing power ) but dies in few hours.

  6. Why do you keep mentioning that Mi3 could be a better option when it has been permanently discontinued by the company in India :3

  7. I don't know why I gyan do not review any windows phone instead it reviews all the Chinese brands but not Nokia

  8. I found a black frame around the screen in this phone as well as the s5.1 is it a bummer?? What's your take on that??Bharat broh

  9. Other than the Battery, everything thing is not great in this phone.sorry Gionee

  10. Sir, please review redmi note. I'm planning to buy it but I want to see your review first.

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