Getting Started With Concepts App for iOS

Welcome to the award-winning, Best of Apple 2016 design and sketching app for creative professionals. Concepts 5 has a brand new look while deepening your design abilities with more powerful features. Start sketching now with our Quick Start guide.

Fully integrated with iOS 11, Concepts 5 gives you a flexible new layout, tool presets, customizable color palettes, a vector-based color picker, drag and drop between apps, additive selection abilities, live syncing between devices with a free…


  1. What's that surface you're on on the iPad? Looks really nice like a canvas-y thing.

  2. I now LOVE this app. Blueprint with grid and a white pencil? INFINITE PERFECTION. Speaking of infinite…infinite canvas is something all drawing apps should have now. It's just so…liberating. BUUT there is a major issue for me with concepts; The lines getting bigger as you zoom out thing. It's annoying af. How do I turn that off? I do NOT want that on and can't for the life of my see why it's a good thing. What's it good for? Please remove this annoyance. Also another annoyance is when you try and move something around and it does the thing where it thinks you want to drag it to another app. That's a really cool feature, but let us toggle that on and off when we don't want it. It happens so often.

  3. Good app., but is such a SCAM. After purchasing the app., I had to buy basic brushes, pens filters and whathaveyou…There are other features one will need; they not for SALE, but for RENT at MONTHLY FEE.

  4. I opened the brush menu and it doesn’t let me draw a line in there to test it like you did at 1:55 it’d be nice to be able to do that though

  5. you need to improve a lot the windows version, it lacks many features that are esential for designers,, please make a full version for windows soon

  6. $8 just to be able to insert pdf docs when i have already paid for the basic bundle…

  7. I came here to learn, but now I just want to know the name of song playing in the intro…

    call it. ADHD….

  8. Drawing 15 minutes a day on the go is my goal. I want to learn the basics. Thanks for all the help.

  9. Is there the Precision tool available on the Windows version, I can't find it to Fill rectangular shapes

  10. Hey guys thanks for the tutorial. It was helpful for me because I recently bought an iPad Pro, so this video was a lot for me. I'm a UX designer and I want to know more about sketching in Concept for have some good wireframes. You guys have any tutorial about this?

  11. I did a UX seminar talk in 1994 about circular menus. Glad to see it happening 25 years later.

  12. Awesome! Does anybody know why the app does not sync to the Adobe CC account? It says it does not support organization accounts but our university has purchased the CC for the postgrad students and staff and all the other apps like Sketch, Draw, Photoshop, Lightroom and Capture are working fine…

  13. Exquisitely, wonderfully, utterly, rubbish video. How about showing me how to do something simple- not reeling off all the " features" at speeds that do not allow any practise or replication then signing off. Try EDIP- Education, Demonstration, Imitation, Practise. No matter how whizzy your stuff is most people start from needing to have a go to learn and you've exactly short circuited the process. The consolation is that someone will realise this- your competitors- and do it properly. Looks like you've fallen into the hands of the techies who can do anything except help users to learn- the most important.

  14. Do you have plan to add basic color wheel just like other apps for an option?
    I think the COPIC color wheel is good for sketching, but making final products need to have more delicate color selector.

  15. Is this a good app for designing clothes and fashion accessories?

  16. Is there a way to change what tools are in the wheel/toolbar? I can't seem to figure out a way to do that…

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