Get Water Out of Your iPhone's Speaker [How-To]

How to Eject Water Residue from Your Speaker [iPhone]
Full Tutorial:
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The Apple Watch has a built-in water ejection system, but iPhones don’t — even the IP67 and IP68 models. With the help of some useful apps and tips, though, you can safely eject residual water from your speaker grill to avoid costly damage.

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  1. my speaker got wet by tea 😀
    first, I tried this video:
    then this one :(if this video sound didn't work try this one just in case!)
    play the sound by pressing that button on top of this page:
    set the volume to the maximum value and leave the phone (place your phone somewhere vertically if you speaker is at bottom of your phone and make sure at least there is a little space between phone speaker and ground)
    let it play for 10-20 minutes(I recommend at least 10 min just in case)
    worked for me!
    there are other sounds for this purpose in youtube like this:
    hope it helps someone 🙂

  2. Omg my phone had no sound I did the thing about 3 try’s and then couldn’t here than I was setting alarm and I could hear the sound

  3. Guys.. quick tip.: play eminems rap god.. or uk some song with a good beat.. ull be able ro see the water coming out of the speaker

  4. I dropped my phone in the toilet I peeing and now I’m giving it cpr

  5. Wtf lol I just played this video as loud as it could go and it stopped the crackling noise 😂 thank you

  6. I used rubbed hand sanitizer on my phone to sanitize my phone from coronavirus now my headset voice & my speaker voice is messy 🙁

    Hair dryer hot air will help ?


  7. Bro my phone speaker wasn’t working and then I played this video and now it’s good like how? 😂

  8. What tf is the app called this like how u gonna make a vid and not explain

  9. Had same issue last night, speaker started working after the 6am wake up alarm sound on my iphone. Go to your iPhone clock and set alarm to 1min later.

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