Get Paid Android Apps for FREE Legally – Amazon Underground Guide and Location Hack

Here’s how to use Amazon Underground, and how to make it work if you don’t live in the UK or US. This will let you legally get paid apps and all their in app purchases for free! The total amount of free content on offer totals around $20,000!!

Download Amazon Underground here:

Music: Noxieve Home

— Homescreen Set Ups —

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  1. Hey does anyone know how to install underground after downloading it. I can't install it from my data manager

  2. It seems a bit pointless. You showed games installing that are already free and have been a while. Just in general a complete waste of time no offence.

  3. Hi…. I downloaded underground app as said.. but it's charging me for app… I followed app steps as said…

  4. in from india amezon underground shows connection error please check your date and time

  5. my underground app is not working as mentioned here….when I log in from my account it gives me options same as my default Amazon app….there are no Android app store on it….kindly help.😭

  6. Great, Amazon Underground and the apps were a fairly easy setup. I had and still have problems with Showbox. Could you please explain how I can watch without having to give my cc info?

  7. every time i try to download a game i get a text that i need to download Amazon underground but i already have it

  8. when i wanted to download goat simulator and it told me to update the amazon uderground all and when i updated there was the same messege again

  9. I've downloaded Amazon underground but I'm having trouble with the free music part. I can't seem to find it. can you please help me thank you

  10. theres is now download button for me when trying to get jetpack joyride. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  11. this did not work for me I download a app from the amerzon undergrad and it did download but when opened the app it says connecting to the download server then just says and does nothing

  12. Hi Steve… I want to get 'Caustic' app (music production) for free… i dont find it in Amazon underground… what shall i do?

    Ohh.. m from India btw… n i hv changed my location to UK in d app…. plz reply

  13. This Amazon underground apk doesn't install on my galaxy S7. I'm in the US. Am I doing something wrong?

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