Get Android Pay Working on a Rooted Device [How-To]

How to Use Android Pay on a Rooted Phone or Tablet
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In this video, I’ll be showing you how to bypass restrictions that would normally prevent Android Pay from running on a rooted device. The first method should work for the majority of folks, while the second method shown here will work for Nexus users with unlocked bootloaders. Neither method will work…


  1. Hi guys,

    I have found a method to run google pay with,
    Xposed – active
    Magisk – cts profile – false, basic integrity – false

    No need to install magisk hide or shell hide.

    Just a simple trick.

    Video uploaded on youtube.

  2. See i only have an unlocked bootloader can't use it lg g6

  3. strange I'm using s6 root and I duel booted it with cyanogen mod and they are both rooted but they work. Is it the new update that allowed root user to use android pay.

  4. Does not work with nougat I guess the bootunlocker any other app to make it work with my nexus 6p??

  5. Funny thing is, my bank has its own NFC payment app, so even though I'm rooted, and running a custom rom, NFC payments work fine for me. Because of this, I'm only now realizing rooting stops Android Pay 😛

  6. everyone is wondering how to lock your bootloader not using the app, use your command prompt, it's probably even easier.

  7. Is there an easy way to do this for the Moto X Pure Edition (2015)? I've got an unlocked bootloader, rooted, not running a custom ROM.

  8. Even after performing all of these steps and successfully setting up your card in Android Pay, the service will fail at the POS. There currently is NO way to get Android Pay working on a rooted device.

  9. I have an unlocked bootloader and it works fine on my nexus 5. The only thing I have to do is keep supersu disabled.

  10. So I was able to get several cards loaded to Android Pay by using any one of several methods, either by removing Root, or even hiding root via XPOSED with no issue on my HTC ONE M8 Sprint running a Stock Rom however I still encounter issues at the payment terminals. No cards will work even for approved banks. Can anyone confirm their Rooted Device works at the Merchant Terminal? Even tried Coke Machines that accept Android Pay but the machine displays an error message that the card is not accepted. Any suggestions are appreciated!

  11. It didn't work for me either running 4.4.2 on Samsung galaxy s4 mini. Sprint edition. 🙁

  12. I'm on Oneplus One Cm11s on 480dpi root unenbabled and exposed framework uninstalled, still gives the google is unable to verify message 🙁

  13. oh so it will not work for me cuz i'm on slimsaber and there is pretty much no stock rom for the oneplus one that will work with android pay. i'll just wait for an exploit or get the new nexus device

  14. After disabling root on my VZW LG G3 stock Rom w/root only. It still gives me that Damn error message. I cleared app date and cache too and no go

  15. I tried but it's not working. I have an AT&T HTC One M8, rooted and running a GPe ROM. I'm able to download the app but get an error message.

  16. bootloader app doesn't have support for Nexus 6 that's why it ain't working and the custom ROM needs android pay files for it to fully work… just be patient

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