Get ALL CELESTE RECIPES Fast (Time Travel Cheat) [ACNH]

Animal Crossing New Horizons brings a new feature, stargazing with Celeste, who is the sister of Blathers the owl, where players can watch the meteor shower and collect star fragments.

NOTE: PART OF THE REASON FOR THE INCONSISTENCIES MAY BE DUE TO SUNDAYS. If you try this trick on a Sunday, it may not work because Monday will reset the week. Try going back first for the Sunday, I am not 100% sure of this, but I AM sure this trick DOES work, however, there are rare inconsistencies. I haven’t…


  1. You won’t find Celeste again if she gives you a zodiac recipe Bc ur in the zodiac shower/season. You have to find day within the season again for Celeste to appear and give you a wand/star recipe if you have been given the zodiac

  2. I think it's not working anymore with the updates. I can have the other NPC (Redd, Fick CJ Guliver, Gulivarrr and others) but Celeste and wisp are now totally random I guess. I did this with Gulliver, it was working just fine but impossible to find Celeste after TT.

  3. I haven't tried it yet but is it possible in the 3rd step to not leave and pick up the star fragments?

  4. Can Gulliver or Gullivarrr be on your island at the same time as Celeste

  5. I looked all around my island and I can’t find Celeste and I it’s shooting starts

  6. still find it kind of funny that some people want to cheat the game by manipulating the mechanics but not change the clock like that is some horrible taboo

  7. I have celeste on my island but she isnt giving me a do you get her to give you a recipe

  8. I cant get celeste to appear everytime :/ any recommendations???

  9. Like many others, Celeste would not appear if I traveled forward or back one day. I guess I'll try the several day in advance technique, but it's grinding my gears that people are reporting several successful runs in a row where Celeste is constantly there. 🤬

  10. so i have my meteor shower on 6th november, is it better for me if i tt backward a day, or better forward? :0

  11. This didn’t work for me! I was literally so sad 🙁 I only met celeste for 2 minutes because of this. I had 150+ hours of playtime and I finally got her to spawn on my island! And I saw this trick and tried it, and now shes gone :(( and Im never gonna have a meteor shower now…

  12. This doesn’t work 100% of the time as Celeste isn’t tied to metier showers. The shooting stars will be there every time that day but Celeste isn’t guaranteed!

  13. I’m new to this and I’m so confused, so Celeste showed up on my island last night (may 22) when I would travel back a day or forward a day, I still couldn’t find her. I was able to get some more shooting stars in though. Am I doing something wrong?

  14. This still works!! I haven't tried timetravling back 1 day and forward to the next because she appeared on a monday for me, but other than that this totally works!
    Just make sure to circle your island completely and again for good measure, there's a couple of times where I almost tried the trick again then found her on the 3rd level or a place I just ran past :')

  15. Does this affect your villagers in any way? Example: If you were to TT forward and back one day over and over. Let's say tonight was when Celeste shows up and I go to tomorrow and come back to today over and over.

  16. Just wanted to say that the first method DOES work but I wanted to say please REMEMBER to change your time when coming back to the date when Celeste is roaming.

    For Example:

    1st Return: 7:00 PM

    2nd Return: 7:10 PM

    3rd Return: 7:20 PM

    You can do this with every tenth minute of any hour after 7PM until 12AM (12 did not work for me). Watch out for Isabelle's announcements: If Isabelle does not come on, you are not on a new day and she will not give you a recipe. {If you forget to go back/forward a day but change the time you are still on the same day.} Also, if you do not learn the DIYs she gives you, there is a chance that she might give you that same DIY but it's not set in stone, she usually gives a new one the next time.

    So time travel to the date, forward/backward a day, then change the time and date when Celeste is there and repeat!

  17. So this only works for me if I go backwards a day. But it works beautifully! I have done it 20+ times now and celeste is always there. It is a non-meteor shower night that I am doing so you don't have to have meteors. Celeste is 95% of the time on or near one of my beaches and never on the 2nd or 3rd level since I don't have inclines. Thank you so much for this! I finally do have to deal with the crazy market for these recipes or pay people to let me on their island!

  18. So I finally had my meteor shower Wed May 13th w/ Celeste showing up. I did your method and went back to the 12th and then back to the 13th over and over 20+ times and it works like a charm!! Can totally confirm it has not been patched yet. I didn't touch the time as I do not know if it affects the exploit or not…just only switch between 12th and 13th over and over. It does get boring quickly so I stopped as soon as I got all the main items I wanted. Thx so much for this video!!!

  19. I got a meteor shower last night but I didn’t see Celeste… TT^TT

  20. Ive actually been farming Celeste for the Diy recipes and got about more than 10 but then suddenly i cant find her anymore on the same day i always go back to . I ran around my island couple of times, checked everywhere even hidden back areas but still cant find her anymore 😭

  21. Cool intro and the video was really loaded with informations. Also thanks for stating that it‘s not confirmed.
    Great content, keep it going!

  22. I have the same problem. I found Celeste back to back from Sunday to Monday, BUT no shooting stars on Monday. I time traveled several times. I always find her on Sunday, but not always on Monday. FYI, I did always get surprised npc on Monday. So the conclusion is, if you have shooting stars, then the Celeste will stay if you tt, otherwise, she maybe gone when you tt, but you might get flick! Lol hope this helped

  23. My friend had a metor announced on may 17th, everytime. But now, all of a sudden, there is no meteor shower that day for her anymore. Wonder why.

  24. From my experience, I think if you have clear starry night sky, it's random whether Celeste appears or not, but you can use that to make her appear by time traveling back and forth and see if she appears. It just takes a bit longer than during a meteor shower cause she doesn't always appear.

    So idk what exactly I did but I had celeste on my island without meteor shower announcement, got a recipe, time traveled back and forth, she was gone. Then I did it again and she was there again. Then I set time to the next day and she appeared again ON THAT NEXT DAY, gave me a recipe. Time traveled back and forth, she was gone on both days. I skipped between those 3 days in a row, they all had a clear starry sky, the sky never changed when I time traveled. I got her to randomly appear on one of these days multiple times by time traveling back and forth. Sometimes she's there, sometimes she's not, but if you skip back and forth between days with clear starry skies you'll eventually meet her.

    I also had shooting stars on all 3 days, though I think you always get them when there's a clear sky, in some clear sky nights you just have less shooting stars than in others

    Update: the sky has to be clear and have this slightly red/green area in the middle (slightly to the right side), you gotta look closely to see it (or switch to camera and apply one of the first 2 filters to see it more clearly). That's when there will be shooting stars (most commonly after 10pm) and celeste might appear.

  25. I found a method that works 100% of the time. I’ve tested it about 15 times and it works every single time!

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