GARMIN FENIX 5: All about that menu!

Tons more details:

If you want the full walk-through of almost every screen on the Fenix 5 series, here ya go!


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  1. Could you slow your speech down please! It might be ok for those who are familiar with your accent but for us in the UK it sounds like another language! Also, you have your fingers and thumbs at the same time covering the buttons so it is hard to tell which you are pressing. For a beginner like me you need to say what each button is and what it does. Thanks!

  2. Does anyone know where to find explanations for all the activities? Tactical? Boating? ect.

  3. I just got my fenix 5 and I don’t know how to get to the place where you can update the softwhere. If you could help me it would be greatly appreciated

  4. Damn. Don't have more than one finger on a button! It's great that you sometimes tell us what you are pressing but the rest of the time it is a guessing game for us because you have multiple fingers on multiple buttons. Grrrr.

  5. I bought mine for firstbeat capabilities. I would much prefer looking at a map on a bigger space at least 5.5 inches. You talk too fast Ray.

  6. Yes, besides the speed I can't tell which button you are pressing other than that…

  7. So we can navigate by fenix5? I thought that only fot 5x? Omg… i am confused

  8. Excellent information, found your rate of speech to fast for me as I am a newbie….Many of the acronyms I need to read up on. Overall, thank you for sharing

  9. I dont have "Round Trip course." I have fenix 5. I just have courese, activities, saved locations, sight N go, and coordinates.

  10. I usually like Rainmaker but good lord please slow down the pace! You speak way too fast for easy following.

  11. Actually I appreciate you talking fast. The video is already 10 minutes, longer then my attention span. Agree: tripod and flat surface.

  12. Uhh, yeah you can do the EXACT SAME CUSTOMIZATION ON ALL THE FENIX 5.

  13. the display should go all the way to the bezel, not have a second inner black ring bezel with the brand name. These smart-watches need to utilize the entire watch face – not be constricted by a false outer black band around the display.
    Apart from the lack of WiFi in some of the 5 series it looks to be over all a good smart-watch.

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