Garmin 530 Bike Navigation FUNCTIONS AND SETTINGS!

Garmin 530 Bike Navigation FUNCTIONS AND SETTINGS!

Successor to the Garmin Edge 520 – better and more functionality

This makes the Garmin Edge 530 even better than its predecessor:
Battery time: 20 hours (instead of 15 hours)
Display 13% larger
New processor for 2x faster route calculation
Pairing with Bluetooth sensors is also possible

New functions:
ClimbPro – Shows slope percentages
Performance Focused – O.a. VO2 Max,…


  1. Why don't you explain what your doing. As with a lot of things these days its always assumed people know what button your pressing. People assume you know what cut and paste is,that you have a printer.

  2. Thanks, very helpful. I was amused by the term "old fashion micro usb", I was born in 1944, so kind of think old fashion in a different way.

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