Galaxy Tab S6: How to take notes in split screen view | Samsung

Multiply the things you do. Learn how to use several apps simultaneously on the Galaxy Tab S6.
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  1. Tab S6 needed to be bigger… That is wider… Wish they had brought it in size 12 or 11.6" or sth. 🙁 Esp. for purposes of notetaking i find ipad's aspect ratio way more convenient… Yes, for reading, this aspect ratio is good but not for split screen esp. for note taking.

  2. While it looks great, my Samsung tablet (s5e) malfunction in 2 months and they have the WORST customer service for their warranty (at least for Hong Kong). Long story short, they charged me for fixing the USB port that broke down on its own.

    To give you some context, I am not an Apple fanboy, I have never brought any Apple product (I am a Sony fanboy). After I got the s5e, I accidentally made a little dent near the corner of the tablet, extremely slightly affecting less than 3mm area of the screen, and that does not affect the use of the tablet at all. Around a month after the incident, the USB port stopped working and I went to Samsung to have them fix that for me.

    While I definitely have no intention to fix the dent and the screen, Samsung demands me to pay $200 dollars ($1500 HKD) to fix the screen, otherwise, they will not fix the USB port for me. Their justification is that the fixing process will further damage the screen, and they cannot fix anything if unless the tablet is in perfect condition as they have to pull out the screen first.

    I think this is definitely ridiculous. Firstly, that freaking port broke down in two months! Secondly, Samsung should be responsible for any cost they need to fix THEIR MALFUNCTION PORT! They are asking me for another $200 dollars for their $400 dollars break-down-in-two-months tablet.

    I have complained and they are not responding reasonably. I can only warn everyone here not to buy Samsung because of their poor quality control and awful customer service.

  3. Its good but can be better 😒😒… Samsung need a killer app for note taking to compete with ipad pro… Goosd notes is hiring people to make its Android App 🤨🤨 we think Samsung may look in that aswell ☺☺🤗

  4. Samsung – *making 1440p displays for most of its phones for years*
    Also Samsung – *releases videos in 1080p*

  5. Tbh android tablets are garbage, they are slow and not that attractive, but honestly Samsung’s S6 is the best android tablet yet

  6. Me: I want this!!!
    Has only 200$
    My wallet: Galaxy Tab a 2019
    take it or leave it

  7. I like it but you but the pen on wrong place 😏
    Because it will Break the tablet 😎

  8. I'm sorry Samsung, but I'm on "BRING BACK HOLD DOWN RECENT KEY TO SPLIT VIEW" team.

    Update: Now I use a gesture to trigger split screen by using One Hand Operation app.

  9. I opened the first screen on the left then the second one on the right.. BUT !! How can i swap between them like make the on the right goes to the left and the one on the left to the right???? Can anyone help me

  10. Make an easy way to split screen rather than dokng all this.

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