Galaxy S8: First 10 Things to Do!

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  1. I really like your videos but can you slow down please? you go so fast, I have to stop, rewind and rewatch to catch all your saying.

  2. I still love this desing it feels so seamless in the hand, I did not noticed until I got the s9 that is slightly thicker its not as smooth and ligth as the s8 also the back of the s8 looks so clean its my favourite desing of all time.

  3. I dropped mine a foot off the ground..seeing similar videos they ALWAYS LAND ON LOWER RIGHT CORNER,..I HAD A RIPPLE EFFECT OF CRACTS. OH YEAH,;5PLY Gorrila glassⁿ

  4. Maybe it's because I use a case, but I have zero issues finding the fingerprint scanner. I have an S8+, and big hands, so I'm probably an outlier. I can throw my phone up, catch it, touch the fingerprint scanner, and be good to go instantly. My case does block the area past the scanner, so I have a solid reference point physically.

  5. I dont see why people hate the placement of the fingerprint reader

  6. thank you for your video it's very helpful, is it possible to set up two different countries clocks on-screen on S8??

  7. The big shock I got with my S8 was I cracked the screen an to have it replaced I was quoted £170 when I had a screen and battery on my I phone 6 it cost me £80 so if you get a Samsung galaxy phone get it insured the SO was out by this time so I diched the phone because you could buy a second hand one for £250 so the maths did not work out back to apple for me…

  8. >buyer wants a personalised experience
    >buyer has idea
    >buyer downloads theme that is being downloaded by thousands of others

  9. okay, let me teach you something that has been there since the S5, which you seemingly dont know.. with samsungs fingerprint scanners, you dont just read the same part of your finger over n over again during setup, just scan each section of your fingerprint at each of the percentage stages during setup, once is enough for each section, so you cover your whole finger and parts of the sides and top also…
    the phone then stitches it into one big "image" (correct-its not actually an image, its more of a code) and then when unlocking your phone, you can be MUCH less accurate when trying to read yr fingerprint

  10. I always have a problem with those expansion cards. I have 128Gb card, but if I save many pics or movies to it, on the phone it does not seem to be able to retrieve them or play them and sometimes it says error. Any advice why ?

  11. it's almost 2020 and i still can't afford the s8 plus. life is really that hard over here in Nigeria

  12. How come I can't find that navigation color display option. I go there and that option is not available

  13. Oh! I forgot to mention that the iris ID isn't able to recognize me AT ALL. Facial recognition CANNOT tell me apart with and without makeup (and I wear very little makeup). Fingerprints…Same problem…It ALWAYS ends up asking me to put in my pattern lock!!

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