Galaxy S7: Battery Saving Tips and Tricks | How to get Amazing Battery Life!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery life tips and tricks. This is how to get better battery life on the Galaxy S7! Using these tips you can get over 7 hours of screen on time (in a good signal area).

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  1. I got 5 hrs on my battery it was 33 percent in the 5th hour I think I could of push it to 6 hrs not bad for a phone I have another phone too LG k20 plus so I can switch back if I want not for now my phone was a Verizon phone gsm unlocked since I have metro pcs

  2. Instead of doing these stuff buy a god Damn iphone and get a powerbank and get a ORIGINAL charger and if your phone

  3. wtf Samsung? I buy an expensive phone like S7 edge to have 4 -4,5 hour SOT? I also have an A3 2016 and the SOT its 5 hours. Why to buy un expesnive phone? Samsung must solve the probleme with the software. I'm sorry but, samsung its like a Ferrari car with a small motor. Verry nice phone with bad software, this it's my concluzion.

  4. what will happen if I put everything on optamiz? will the phone still work as normal or not ? thanks

  5. good day sir can i recalibrate s7's battery??….i accidentally leave it charging last night….now it looks like it draining fast…please help…ü

  6. The best trick to save the battery life is Disable all Bloatware. There is more than 100 pre-installed packages on your Galaxy S7, if you don't need it, disable it to save battery life by using "BK Package Disabler Samsung" tool on "Google Play"

  7. I got this phone from verizon today and the battery was draining even if i dont use it. I read that the phone needs to adapt to what you use and what you don't, and that will take +-3 days,the apps have to be optimized etc. Is that true??? Please answer

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