Galaxy S20 Series vs S10: Should You Upgrade? [Samsung Comparison]

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  1. I had a Galaxy S7 for about a year and a half and then got an iPhone XR and had that for a few months. Loved the iPhone but missed having a Samsung so decided to go back to a Samsung. Went to the store planning on getting the S10. Ended up getting the Galaxy S20 and it's easily the best phone I've ever owned. Absolutely love it. Don't regret getting it whatsoever. If you're thinking of getting this phone, do it. I promise you will not regret it. Battery life is awesome too. Lasts me a full day on a single charge. Sometimes even longer.

  2. Only here because broke the top right and bottom left edges of my s10's screen.. and it just hurts. Brought me joy for a year though… 😓

  3. Just shopped for a new phone and got the S10. I usually go newest flagship because I hand them down to my kid. However, this year I couldn't justify the S20 price. I get no 5g here. Probably not for 2+ years. So when 5g gets here I have a old phone and everybody is selling 5g wave (faster than 5g)

  4. I got my S10 at launch and loved it ever since. I don't see a real need to upgrade anytime soon and probably wait a few years.
    I still like having my 3.5 jack even though I don't use that heavily. When my S10 start going south, then I'll do something then.

  5. I'm stuck between the S10, S20, and Iphone 11 atm. They're are pros and cons to all three. The main thing that throws me off about the s20 is how it doesn't have an earphone jack! Another thing is the camera, it is wayyy to clear for me lol when i took a selfie i can see every detail of my freaken face -_- when i say that i mean like the tiny blackhead hoes on my nose and my freaken tiny little very light mustache that i have not waxed. And for the iphone 11, the photos seem to be a bit yellow for me. Sigh might just go for the S10 since the price is cheaper and affordable atm

  6. S20 got no headphone jack but comes with wired earphones that plug into the charging port. 🙂

  7. trying to hold onto my s8plus as long as possible but my calls are starting to drop and i have to speak on speaker to hear anything
    guess its time to move on soon

  8. Not a very covering of the phones. I'd suggest watching on the laggy ess of the s20 and slow focus. S10 beats em all and better pics

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